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Welcome to our new Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus website. We’re getting organized and unified in our vision for a strong, secure, diverse, prosperous and growing Nevada.

Please browse through the various webpages and take special notice to our Resources project. Here we have created an information hub with weblinks on a variety of subjects that we believe will be of help and/or interest to our constituents. Also, click on the Legislators menu option and note that each Assembly caucus member has an individual sub-site from which he or she can communicate. We are excited about this opportunity to increase our communications with those we represent.

Our Priorities section identifies what we believe to be the key issues that concern Nevadans. There are many other issues and priorities that we individually hold. This is not an exclusive list; these are caucus priorities that we intend to advance over the legislative session and beyond. With your help, we can begin to turn the tide toward a more productive and responsible legislative arm of government.

We are committed to improving Nevada education; we are committed to improving the culture that children are growing up in. As the great Republican president once said:

“Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Aside from education, our top priority is getting Nevadans back to work. As Republicans, we believe the key to a revitalized Nevada is in increasing Economic and Personal Freedom and limiting, to the extent possible, unnecessary regulations that obstruct opportunity and progress.

We support our governor’s objective to Diversify Nevada and grow our key industries: Tourism, Gaming & Entertainment; Energy; Healthcare; Mining; Agriculture; Military & Defense; Manufacturing; Logistics & Operations; and Information Technology.

We also stand firmly behind the many industry classifications that are the bread and butter of the Nevada economy; e.g., restaurant, retail; grocery, construction, automobile, real estate, insurance, transportation, etc.

Each state works to attract new businesses that will strengthen their communities and, in turn, create tax revenues to fund government. Nevada’s standing in the various business and economic freedom indexes is key to attracting new businesses, strengthening existing businesses, and creating jobs for Nevadans.

It is our objective to restore and/or improve the standing of Nevada as a national and international leader in Economic and Personal Freedom. We are fully aware of the times in which we serve and will do everything in our power to advance good legislation and, despite being the minority party, to stop what we know will hurt our state.

The Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus